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ONE - SYOTA : Kariyume

ONE - SYOTA : Kariyume


No ejaculation allowed! Weave and dodge between onesan ecchi attacks in this action game!! Play as the young male protagonist facing older girls who come at you with tons of naughty attacks!
* This is an R-18 spinoff game from ONE - SYOTA (you can play this game on its own).
* Mission: evade the sexy attacks of older girls.
* Watch out for the cowgirl stride, footies, paizuri, blowjob, wanking (gloved handjob), back-of-knee c*ck stroke, genital-to-genital stroke and other various sexual techniques.
* More than 10 character types. Smaller characters each have 2 varieties.
Each enemy comes with 3 erotic illustrations. While their ecchi attacks are the same,
the contents of the erotic illustrations between character variations change.
* New "ball" + powered up classic "counter" action
Download and play the trial game to face some of the enemies and get a taste of things to cum!
Promotional video can be seen here:

Shota Older Sister Coercion/Compulsion Woman Rapes Man Orgy Sex

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